Canon News discovered yet another patent, this one discussing what appears to be a high powered flash that also includes continuous LED lighting.

As Canon News notes;

The mechanical design of the speedlite is quite developed in the patent application leading me to believe that the development is quite far along for this flash.  This speedlite is also a hybrid speedlite that contains a LED portion for continuous lighting.

From the patent application we can tell that the patent is about keeping the flash cooler and thus protecting the flash discharge tube (and also LED longevity).

An object of the present invention is to provide a lighting device capable of protecting a member related to light emission from heat associated with light emission.  A light source, a first optical member that transmits light emitted from the light source, and a light source that transmits light emitted from the light source are disposed between the light source and the first optical member. The second optical member and the air sucked from the first space, which is the inner space including the light source, on the light source side of the second optical member, and the first optical member and the second optical member. An air blowing mechanism that sends the air to a second space that is a space between the optical members.

In the images below, 401 and 402 are LED's where the flash discharge tube is 102.  You can see from the air flow path that both the discharge tube and the LED's have air circulation around them.

When looking at the flash from the bottom we see the fan and the exhaust.

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