There's some small fires being lit that Eastman Kodak is primed for a takeover bid by some imaging company. A year or so ago the rumors surfaced that HP was planning a takeover, nothing materialized. There's now been new information that Xerox and/or Canon may be planning to expand their imaging empires.

Good move for Canon? absolutely. Canon's sensor expertise could only benefit from acquiring Kodak's image sensor technologies. Canon FINALLY getting into the medium format game?

Another great branding/business opportunity? All those Kodak digital printing kiosks you see around the planet… they could all become Canon kiosks. A lot of Canon camera enthusiasts do forget they're an imaging company first.

I'm just looking at this quickly, but I see a lot of benefits for Canon.

Kodak is dead, it's a company without focus but with a lot of usable assets.

A posting about it:

I know you're all waiting for the Canon Easyshare G10, docking stations are cool.

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