It´s finally here
Well, we were right about them not continuing with the current A470 type of camera, wrong about the model number.

canon a480 - Canon PowerShot A480

3.3x Zoom
2.5″ LCD
Simplified Layout
Various Colors (Silver, Red, Blue, Black)
Motion Detection Technology
30fps VGA Movies with long play mode
15 Shooting Modes
AA Batteries

This looks like an intelligent $100 camera for our cheap grandparents and for our hapless teenage children. Good upgrade.

Image from DPReview

Press Release and more images from DPReview


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  1. Hej, Waterproof camera and cam + waterproof cam are different things imo…
    The cases are very expensive and can go -30m or more… A waterproof camera is a camera for beach pictures, being near the water without fearing for your cam or 1m or maybe 2 underwater. Also at the swimming pool.
    Pentax W30 is said to work -3m for 2 hours, canon dive cases are said to work at -40m.

  2. My dad’s on his fourth ‘waterproof’ Olympus… They keep on getting sent back on warranty after leaking water whilst snorkelling around. I’m tempted to just buy him a camera + separate dive case.

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