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Canon PowerShot G10 Defect

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Oh noes

g10 - Canon PowerShot G10 Defect
"I like to add lines to your photos"

Another QC issue from our friends at Canon

To Owners of the PowerShot G10 digital camera

Thank you for using Canon products.

We have discovered that in rare instances, lines may appear in images captured by some units of the PowerShot G10 digital camera. Accordingly, we would like to convey the details and our service policy concerning this phenomenon.

We regret that some of our customers may have been inconvenienced by this issue and would like to offer our apologies to them. Canon will continue to strive to provide our customers with high quality products that they can use with confidence. Thank you for your kind understanding.

To check if your G10 is affected, visit (Canon USA):….

thanks to everyone that sent this in


46 responses to “Canon PowerShot G10 Defect”

  1. It also only happened when shooting in the sRAW1 mode under certain lighting conditions. If you shot in RAW or JPEG for instance there were no problems, and it was fixed in a firmware update as all camera companies fix problems like that.

  2. God forbid a car company come out with a recal noticed on a $45,000 product. I mean seriously, even Bentley $250,000 cars have had defects. Welcome to the world.

  3. Wait a minute…

    The CCD sensor in the Canon G10 is MADE BY SONY, NOT Canon. So, if there’s a problem with the sensor, blame it on Sony. Remember previous Sony sensor and battery issues? Sony strikes again! :D

  4. David,you again miss the point. Canon is having an increasing number of QC issues as of late. That’s bad. The relevant point is that the rate of occurrence of these issues is increasing, NOT HOW THEY COMPARE TO THOSE OF OTHER BRANDS. It’s comical because it is obvious that you are exclusively a Canon user, yet you are concerned with issues a couple of Nikon point-and-shoot cameras have. Who cares? Mass production will always lead to some flawed devices. These flaws are expected and marginally acceptable when they occur in lower-end, bargain-priced cameras. What bothers me is when flaws occur in high-end and professional products. The $500 G10 is NOT a bargain camera. The The 1D series are NOT bargain cameras. Yet there have been issues.

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