The return?
Received an email today discussing an upcoming Canon Pro2. It's been a long time since the pretty successful Pro1.

2.5x crop factor sensor (~13.8×10.4mm).
5x zoom (26-130mm)
f2.8-4 IS L lens
The form factor is similar to the Pro1
Articulated Screen
800×600 EVF.
CMOS made by Canon
High FPS
1080p video like that of the SX1-IS.

Such a camera would be a good seller I think.


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  1. err how do you conclude what Canon and and can’t achieve in APS or FF EVILs (a 21st century design) from what Leica is doing in APS or FF rangefinder (20th or even 19th century design), and the cost of FF sensor , you forgot about it… just a hopeless case of an uninformed uninformaable. not going to waste any more time with, feel free to type the last comment that no one will read in this page.

  2. Any advice from you is what not to do. I made no mistakes in what I wrote, you only misrepresent my comments by focusing on whether one camera is slightly bigger or weighs slightly more while failing to get any part of the point of the comment. Easy for you to criticize people while hiding behind your annonymous name, isn’t it, coward.

  3. “You are making a lot of assumptions about Leica design decisions and why there is no AF”

    I made no assumptions at all about Leica’s design decisions. Are you replying to someone else’s post?

  4. The best compact cameras like LX3 and G11 have too little sensor (1/2 the one of old pro1) and the quality of the

    pivctures and clips when it comes evening is too poor for what they cost.

    The entusiast ideal travel camera cold have a 2.5x crop factor sensor ( 4x the one of G11 or LX3), 4x-5x zoom f2.8-4 , 1080 p video, and pocketable like the LX3

    For this camera, i could pay more than for an entry level SRL or a 4/3 mirrorless, cause is a lot more confortable to carry ( always in my pocket ) and i don’t need all the quality of that cameras for travelling

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