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Canon Pro2 [CR1]

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The return?
Received an email today discussing an upcoming Canon Pro2. It’s been a long time since the pretty successful Pro1.

2.5x crop factor sensor (~13.8×10.4mm).
5x zoom (26-130mm)
f2.8-4 IS L lens
The form factor is similar to the Pro1
Articulated Screen
800×600 EVF.
CMOS made by Canon
High FPS
1080p video like that of the SX1-IS.

Such a camera would be a good seller I think.


130 responses to “Canon Pro2 [CR1]”

  1. I am not assuming anything, it is just you as usual putting words in others’ mouths and implying that they don’t know much about the basics of photography. All I meant is that while you can point to EP1/GF1 and make meaningful comparisons (price-wise and tech-wise) with tiny-sensor compacts, you can’t do the same with the M9 because the price and tech are completely different and if there were a FF rangefinder with the same price as budget FF DSLRs, most people will prefer the latter because rangefinders are not everybody’s cup of tea. Also the current FF sensor cost – as reflected by the price difference between xxD/5D or between D300/D3 – makes most buyers go for crop sensor cameras, so if a FF EVIL is made it’ll have the same price disadvantage compared to APS-C or 4/3 EVILs, discouraging manufacturers from starting a new FF system on which there may not yet be enough demand.

  2. The only reason you think I’m putting words in people’s mouth is from your own inability to comprehend them.

    Again, you completely misunderstand the point and fail to read the context of the discussion, which in this case has nothing to do with price, particularly Leica’s overprice.

    While I’d love to see a FF Leica knock off, that’s not what the point is here. The point is that it is possible to build compact interchangable lens cameras with larger than m43 sesnors in them and given Leica can do it with a FF sensor, making one for APS-C should be much easier (and cheaper). If you bother to actually read what I write in other posts on this topic you’ll notice I’m suggesting Canon one up the m43 platform with a larger sesnor, not a smaller one like these bogus Pro2 specs, PREFERABLY an APS-C sensor, although somthing between m43 and APS-C would be better than m43 too.

  3. Mr. no name, you have done nothing but misrepresent and misunderstand my comments.

    I’m not the one hiding my identity and making false accusations about people misleading the public. Click on my name and you’ll go right to my page with all my info, you coward.

    You have done nothing but misrepresent and misunderstand my comments. The only habbit here is your inability to comprehend and your pension for knit picking over meaningless details: “Check out the profile on the Pro 1, not so sure it is smaller than the GH1, lol” – what part of this quote tells you I’m making an EXACT size comparison? Get a clue.

    Canon has announced nothing about this Pro 2, and this is a CR1 RUMOR, so for you to claim my calling these specs fake without my saying “I think” is funny. IT’S A RUMOR. As for you having any inside knowledge at Canon, prove it mr. too affraid to even post your name in a forum so you can slam people annoymously.

  4. Also, mr. annoymous, you again failed to state any specific compromise or problem with any m43 lens, so if you’re going to annonymously bash those lenses with such accusations, at least back it up with something specifically wrong with them, like vinetting when wide open on the Pro 1.

  5. You have made lots of mistakes and I’ve exposed them very well above, specifically, like your mistakes about the size comparisons of GH1-vs-Pro1 and EP1-vs-G11, you say that I tell my opinions as facts while you you have no clue bout my knowledge and in the same post you fail practice what you preach and do just the same by dismissing this Pro2 rumor as false..etc etc etc and you don’t comment about your exposed mistakes you just say that I misunderstand, misrepresent…etc of non supported by facts nonsense feel free to continue for infinity with this nonsense, you simply don’t have something new to bring to the table in a comments page like this, because you don’t have a good background (that’s based on the above mentioned mistakes, not hot air like your unsupported accusations), my personal advice to you is to read a little bit before making statements about things you don’t know.

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