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Canon Pro9000 Mark II & Pro9500 Mark II

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Available everywhere!

9500 - Canon Pro9000 Mark II & Pro9500 Mark II
"Don't let your images live only as jpgs"

If you’ve been waiting to jump into home printing, the 2 new prosumer printers appear to be available everywhere.

Both printers produce great results. If you’re into b&w photography, the 9500 is the way to go.

If you already own a 9000 or 9500, they aren’t worth an upgrade.

I currently use the 9500 and Hahnemuhle papers, I’ve never been happier with a printer.


6 responses to “Canon Pro9000 Mark II & Pro9500 Mark II”

  1. Hey Dan

    I have the Pro9500 (non mark version). They’re the same print engine.

    To give an idea about ink usage, I printed 15 B&W 12×18 images and burned one gray tank. Black and Photo black were down.

    I don’t find that it eats a lot of ink.

    I don’t recommend the Canon fine art papers, their profiles require a 35mm border. So you can’t actually print a 12×18 using their paper.

    That said, Hahnemuhles profiles don’t have that issue and I find their paper is the best anyway. I’m sure Ilford’s is grand too.

    Hahnemuhle makes some if not all of Canon’s fine art papers, so some Hahnemuhle profiles might work.

    I chose Canon over Epson for a few reasons.

    1) I’m never going to print with rolls.

    2) Epson’s famous “this product has reached the end of its serviceable life” funtimes. I’ve seen this on cheap printers as well as 2200’s and 2400’s. Just die… don’t tell me you’ve died… seems fishy.

    3) Because I run this site and it would be wrong for me to buy an Epson!

    Both will produce stunning prints in the right hands.

    I’ll give a +1 to Epson for their media.

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