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Canon production issues to be resolved by the end of March

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I have spoken to multiple retailers in Canada, Europe and the United States and it appears that Canon has been informing them that camera and lens inventory issues will likely be resolved by the end of March.

No one went into great detail, as I’m sure Canon didn’t either. We can just assume that the supply chain is going to improve to normal levels following the Chinese New Year and quarantine regulations for factories.

With that, we can get ready for major camera and lens announcements in and around June. One retailer did mention that there would be new NDA’s signed in April or May. I was told a while ago the first half of 2021 would be a bit boring, but that the second half of the year would be exciting.

More to come…


Before Sunset
CR Pro
Nov 30, 2019
I am glad they told you " First half 2021 will be a bit boring but second half exciting" :(

Better than "First half 2021 will be a bit boring and second half will be extremely boring". :ROFLMAO:

I feel better ! (y)
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Jan 26, 2017
That's awesome news. I wonder if that means they'll consider a development announcent for CP+? Nah, probably a bit late to change gears on that one. Regardless, I'm excited.


CR Pro
Nov 8, 2011
The way I see it, production will resume at 2022 and announcements will be made first half of 2023 but there will be delays too :D. So new products will start appearing the second half of 2023 but there will be delays and everything will return to normal by 1st half of 2024 :ROFLMAO:
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CR Pro
Aug 27, 2019
I wouldn't think so unless they are wanting to test it with new lenses. I'm really looking forward to update. I had my camera lock on me on Monday. Had to pull battery to reset it.
Yeah, I do not really think the firmware department is being impacted at all. I just was hoping for an update on the rumored release and used this post as the platform for asking the question.
Aug 2, 2013
Too late! GFX 100S is getting my money. Not that I don't have patience. My first digital camera was a casio 1/2 a megapixel, bought back in the 90's. I waited till 2010 to buy a 7d and a 5dII. It's been almost 10 years now and the 7d and 5dII have served me well but Canon is definitely not going to come up with a camera that will compete with the GFX 100S for landscape anytime soon.