HDSLR w/Raw Video?

1Ds4 or 5D3?

In my inbox, as well as posted on Planet5D (not sure which came first). There is apparently a full frame dSLR being tested in Europe that can shoot RAW video.

Could the camera be the upcoming 1Ds Mark IV or early testing of the 5D Mark III? I've been told previously that the 1Ds4 would have video features currently not available in any Canon dSLR.

The 5D Mark III is starting to get whispers around the web. From myself as well as others. I won't be posting much at this time about such a camera until regular sources start to say something. The camera could come as early as Photokina in September, but I'm still wagering on a 2011 release.

1Ds Mark IV Release Date
Everything has been quiet about a concrete launch date. There also hasn't been any new word on lenses. Going by past experience, this is the calm before the storm.

From Planet5D



  1. I believe that the “Ikonoskop A-Cam DLL” shoots raw DMG files. They have focused on increasing the pipeline to the storage card that much, instead of going through compression algorithms. The cam is not out yet, but some people are shooting on protoypes. I probably works, but I suspect it will end up like vapurware eventually, because they have really let down their customers by always moving the release date, and eventually just shutting up and not making any press statements at all. But we┬┤ll see.

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