Canon this morning released an EOS R3 firmware update that fixes – among some other items – “the phenomenon that the camera rarely becomes inoperable” when shooting in Servo AF and using back-button focus. This problem may or may not be the occasional crash that many R3 owners have been talking about in various forums.

The issue happens rarely enough that it hasn't become  raging anti-Canon fanboy fodder. An optimist might think it could even have implications for fixing certain occasional R5 freezes.

[UPDATE: Multiple Canon Rumors forum readers have independently been told by canon service representatives that, indeed, the R5 freeze issue is known and apparently to be addressed in an upcoming firmware release.]

The firmware also adds the ability to connect Android devices via the new smart show atop the body. Three other minor bugs are addressed: allowing the selection of card recording modes when using remote control; adding options for subject tracking control; and “improving stability” during FTP transfer.

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