Yodobashi Camera is one of Japan's largest camera retailers. In their camera rankings for May, Canon has two APS-C entries claiming spots in the top 10, the R50 and R10, and the R6 Mark II continues its strong showing.

I think the R6 Mark II surprises me a little with how well it's selling. While the R50 does place higher, it's also the double zoom kit – and those are always big sellers in Japan.

The R6 Mark II came out on November 2, 2022, while the R10 came out on February 8, 2023, and the R50 on May 24, 2022. So two of the three Canon cameras are fairly old and not selling because they are simply new products.

From a Canon perspective, it has to be a little concerning that Sony had 3 full-frame camera systems above the R6 Mark II in terms of sales (THe A7 IV, A7C II, and the FX3). The more cameras you sell, the more lenses you tend to sell as well. I fully expect that to change once Canon gets rolling this year with full-frame camera releases.

The rankings are as follows;

  1. Sony α7 IV zoom lens kit
  2. Sony α7C II zoom lens kit
  3. Canon EOS R50 double zoom kit
  4. Fujifilm X-T5 body
  5. Sony FX3 body
  6. Canon EOS R6 Mark II body
  7. Sony α7C II body
  8. Canon EOS R10 RF-S18-150 IS STM lens kit
  9. Nikon Z 50 double zoom Kit
  10. Sony α7R V body


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