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Canon Rebel T2i & PowerShot Preorders

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I want one first!

t2ism - Canon Rebel T2i & PowerShot Preorders
Canon Rebel T2i/550D

You can preorder through these trusted retailers.

Prices may not be written in stone.

Amazon $899 (Body Only)
Amazon $999 (w/18-55 IS)

Adorama $799 (Body Only)
Adorama $899 (w/18-55 IS)

B&H $TBA (Body Only)
B&H $TBA (w/ 18-55 IS)

PowerShots Starting at $199


42 responses to “Canon Rebel T2i & PowerShot Preorders”

  1. 18-55 IS lens teams up with a 18 Mp rebel T2i ??? This is clearly a case of marketing dictates ( read it as disregard) the welfare of the customer. the 18-55 IS lens cannot even meet the resolution of the 10 Mp 40D ( please see Now they sell it with a 18MP camera. No wonder we end up with a 18MP APS-C camera that have almost the same picture quality of a 10MP camera.

  2. According to the email response

    “There will be no 500D firmware updates”

    I think this will be no surprise to the majority of 500D customers and I hear all the people who say “you choose to buy the 500d with its features”

    I also understand if Canon did release a firmware to bring the frame rate up in 1080p mode and manual functions they would cannibalise some of their new customer base.

    I just thought that some customers spend a great deal of time and money on lens and accesories & sometimes a little bonus keeps everyone happy.

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