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Canon Rebel T2i [CR2]

Next week
The new Rebel coming next week is apparently going to be called the “T2i”.

Spec List
New LCD (Even Higher Resolution)
Selectable FPS (Video)
New build quality and shape for a Rebel
No articulating screen
New battery LP-E8
New battery grip

CR Editorial about Articulating Screens
I don’t think Canon will introduce an articulating screen until we have a faster liveview autofocus technology. There are situations that an articulating screen is handy on an SLR with the current liveview performance, however I don’t think it’s an issue for a majority of SLR users.

Canon has probably focus grouped this feature to death.

That’s just my 2 cents.  :)


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  1. i would buy that pancake wide nice, camera companies need to get back to affordable wide primes espcially for apc’s primes are light sharper and don’t suck dust.

  2. I have a 5D, but would consider a Rebel sized-cam with the 40/50D AF system. Better ISO is good, too. More buttons (the helpful kind, not direct print) would be good.

    I hope they redesign the rebel body. At least put some life into Canon options. They’ve been kind of stagnant outside the 7D lately. It’d be nice to see something really new and cool.

  3. If you get a more power-hungry display, you need a higher speced battery just to keep the same battery life. So, it might be better as in better spec, but that might not translate into more time between charging, so I agree with you.

  4. “Revolutionary? Are you serious?”
    Yes I am and yes it is. In the context of the EOS line-up it was a revolutionary model, designed from ground up and not just an update of an existing model.
    “They achieved market parity with the Nikon D300; two years afterward”

    Market parity? Please look up what it actually means as it really has nothing to do with what you were trying to say.

    I think that 7D is a far superior camera but feel free to think otherwise.

  5. Is is possible that Canon announce only 2 DSLR in 2010 ?
    The Rebel T2i and the expected 1Ds4 ?
    If so, i would be very disappointed about that.
    I want a FF body with focusing system better than 5D2 to replace my 400D……Common Canon

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