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Canon Rebel T2i [CR2]

Next week
The new Rebel coming next week is apparently going to be called the “T2i”.

Spec List
New LCD (Even Higher Resolution)
Selectable FPS (Video)
New build quality and shape for a Rebel
No articulating screen
New battery LP-E8
New battery grip

CR Editorial about Articulating Screens
I don’t think Canon will introduce an articulating screen until we have a faster liveview autofocus technology. There are situations that an articulating screen is handy on an SLR with the current liveview performance, however I don’t think it’s an issue for a majority of SLR users.

Canon has probably focus grouped this feature to death.

That’s just my 2 cents.  :)


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  1. Hmm… I guess I’ll hold off on a 450D (I sold my 400D that I’ve had for ages to get one) to see what this is like. Things I would absolutely love to see would be a 100% viewfinder, manually adjustable color temperature, and better high ISO performance. Mix that in with slightly improved AF (though I still find even the current AF to be very good) and I’ll buy one.

  2. My colleague has a D5000 with an articulating screen. To her, it’s practically useless ‘cos the contrast based AF is too slow (and Nikon has been struggling with contrast AF since the compact digicam days).

    It’s always a nice IDEA to have an articulating screen. But one can easily live without it.

    Image quality is FAR FAR more important.

  3. The 7D was, for Canon, a very much needed step in the right direction…..but it is not revolutionary…..Canon was getting their clocks cleaned by the D300……both the 1D3 and 5D2 had/have lousy AF systems….50% of all 5D2 sales were to film/video makers who don’t even use the stills photo ability….Canon needed to make a vast improvement in their AF system……….the Nikon D3x, D3, D700 all use Nikon’s pro AF system…and the D300 has a very slightly reduced version of pro AF…..all Nikon with pop-up flash also work as flash controllers….the list goes on and on…..ya, Canon needed to step-up big just to breakeven….the 7D is still missing dual card slots of the D300S…..but its a step in the right direction, it gives me some hope…ps, I shoot Canon.

  4. Zeiss Tessar 45/2.8 is very small and flat and works on Canon EOS with an adaptor.

    Or do you mean a wide lens isn’t possible?

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