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Canon Rebel T2i [CR2]

Next week
The new Rebel coming next week is apparently going to be called the “T2i”.

Spec List
New LCD (Even Higher Resolution)
Selectable FPS (Video)
New build quality and shape for a Rebel
No articulating screen
New battery LP-E8
New battery grip

CR Editorial about Articulating Screens
I don’t think Canon will introduce an articulating screen until we have a faster liveview autofocus technology. There are situations that an articulating screen is handy on an SLR with the current liveview performance, however I don’t think it’s an issue for a majority of SLR users.

Canon has probably focus grouped this feature to death.

That’s just my 2 cents.  :)


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  1. From your own post that I was actually answering “Would be great if they released a wide pancake lens to go with such a small body”.

  2. Handling could really use a boost. I’ll pic one up if they can make it work with my large hands. As it is the T1i comes fairly close, but just never gets it.

  3. They could discontinue the XSi and XS and just produce the T1i and T2i. Drop the body only T1i to msrp of $599 and have the body only T2i at $799.

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