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Canon Rebel T2i [CR2]

Next week
The new Rebel coming next week is apparently going to be called the “T2i”.

Spec List
New LCD (Even Higher Resolution)
Selectable FPS (Video)
New build quality and shape for a Rebel
No articulating screen
New battery LP-E8
New battery grip

CR Editorial about Articulating Screens
I don’t think Canon will introduce an articulating screen until we have a faster liveview autofocus technology. There are situations that an articulating screen is handy on an SLR with the current liveview performance, however I don’t think it’s an issue for a majority of SLR users.

Canon has probably focus grouped this feature to death.

That’s just my 2 cents.  :)


224 responses to “Canon Rebel T2i [CR2]”

  1. Consumer line has a better edge, but still losing against
    Nikon, all Canon has right now is pixel count, but IQ sucks.

  2. No! I want few megapixels (if that improves ISO performance), video and Mg alloy body!!!

    But maybe, I’m not the typical Rebel buyer. ;)

  3. With all due respect, I’m afraid some of you who hate articulating screen are having a bit of prejudice here. Just like the those who hate(d) video.
    The problem with your point is, to have the articulating screen (or video) you almost don’t have to sacrifice anything else technically (except for about one third of an inch of screen size). An articulating screen can be folded up to the body to become a fixed screen. Just like you don’t have to take video clips if you don’t want to. Videos, as well as articulating LCDs, don’t affect picture quality or any other functions of the camera. So having them is a plus.

  4. Simple solution: turn of AWB! Choose the proper setting for the lighting condition. If you can’t get it right that way, choose Kelvin degrees. AWB is inconsistent and WB always changes from frame to frame. I would prefer all of my pictures be slightly off than all of them different. I will say that my 1D4 has the best AWB implementation I’ve seen, but for anything I might want to keep, I’ll still choose from the presets.

  5. I’ve glanced this entire posting and saw no one comment about wanting full-manual control over video. That’s surprising!

    I bought a T1i a cpl of months ago and love it. It’s a wonderful camera. But right after I purchased it, I realized how great it would be if it had full manual control over video like the 7D and 5dII…

    I’d be kind of be bummed if it does though, since I just barely bought this one!!

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