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Canon Rebel T2i [CR2]

Next week
The new Rebel coming next week is apparently going to be called the “T2i”.

Spec List
New LCD (Even Higher Resolution)
Selectable FPS (Video)
New build quality and shape for a Rebel
No articulating screen
New battery LP-E8
New battery grip

CR Editorial about Articulating Screens
I don’t think Canon will introduce an articulating screen until we have a faster liveview autofocus technology. There are situations that an articulating screen is handy on an SLR with the current liveview performance, however I don’t think it’s an issue for a majority of SLR users.

Canon has probably focus grouped this feature to death.

That’s just my 2 cents.  :)


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  1. I would personally prefer an articulating screen for 2 reasons –

    1. Shot framing – you don’t use the screen anyways, you use the viewfinder on a dslr. I’ve been holding off on buying a dslr, but everything I’ve read says that you aren’t going to use the back screen for framing shots where you can hold the camera up to your face anyways. So a bigger screen doesn’t matter here, but an articulating screen would give you a legitimate use for liveview – framing the shot when you can’t use the viewfinder.

    2. Shot review – I actually love the lcd, I prefer not wasting space with a viewfinder on the pocket cameras I own. However, I’ve learned from experience deciding which pictures to keep or delete based on how they look on the rear lcd is really, really bad idea. My friend who owns a big honking nikon dslr says he found the same thing – you just don’t know what the pic looks like until you actually put it on your computer.

    Thus, I have no practical use for a bigger fancier schmansier rear lcd than is already on the t1i. But an articulating rear lcd could be useful.

  2. I would add one – better white balance under incandescent lighting. No yellow cast that requires post processing or using a gray card to fix.

  3. Just 1 thought and I probably will return my 7D XD…
    Does this one have manual lens focusing calibration?
    I return my T1i just because it is not perfectly match with my lens…
    Well, the other reason is that T1i doesn’t have 1080p 30 FPS

  4. “If it really had a better screen than the 7D, now that would REALLY p*** me off, all the other things don’t really matter. ”


    This is very irrational behaviour. Just because a newer product has a feature that’s better than an older one (irrespective of the product line positioning) it does not make the older product any “worse”. I really hate this sort of unreasonable moaning.

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