Rebel XS/1000D Specs
For a $499 rebel, what would the specs be?

Resolution: 10mp
AF Points: 5 (Maybe 7)
Live View: No
Lens: 18-55 non-IS (Have to leave some major selling points for the XSi)
LCD: 2.7″
Memory: SD
FPS: 2.5

This camera obviously has to be toned down to not steal any sales from XSi's. I would expect a slightly lesser build than the XSi, maybe none of that rubber gripping that is so nice.

1D Mark III
I just received one and it doesn't seem to have any trouble auto focusing.

EOS Utility still busted?
Anyone else have a problem with EOS Utility not loading in Vista? It was just updated on the 13th and still doesn't work for me.

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