Canon has recalled certain Canon EOS R10 camera bodies. Affected products are eligible for a free repair.

The EOS R10 mirrorless camera has been found to exhibit the following symptoms

In a small part of this product, a loud abnormal noise (click” sound) is emitted when the built-in flash is emitted.


In a small part of this product, a loud abnormal noise (click” sound) is emitted when the built-in flash is emitted.

Products Covered

Mirrorless camera “EOS R10” This applies to some products where the two digits from the left of the camera's serial number (on the bottom of the camera) are “2”~ “01”.

r10recall02 728x336 - Canon recalls certain Canon EOS R10 camera bodies
For products sold in Japan Japan, some of the products “01” ~ “03” are eligible.

How to check the target product

  1. Press the search button below to display the screen for entering the camera serial number.
  2. Enter the camera's serial number (12 digits) in single-byte numbers, and then press the “Submit” button.
  3. One of the following is displayed: If it is an eligible product, please refer to “Response” below.
    • “Your camera is NOT an affected product.”
    • “Your camera is an affected product.”
    • “Invalid number” ・ The number is wrong

Check your Canon EOS R10 serial number here

Free repair acceptance period

Until March 2025

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  1. Interesting that they describe the sound as a "click" - which implies a mechanical issue. Yet they say it occurs when the flash is "emitted", so it can't be caused by the action of the flash popping up.

    Flash units sometimes emit a "crack" noise when operating at full power, so I wonder if the problem (er, I mean *phenomenon") indicates that the flash is always firing at full power (indicating a fault with the E-TTL flash metering).
  2. Mine has a serial in the range that could be affected, and I already started swearing (tbh I have never tested if the flash is even working :oops:), but lucky for me when checking the entire serial number, the response from the Canon website is "Your camera is NOT an affected product" :giggle:
  3. Canon has been quite generous with recall period.
    The camera was released in July 2022 so it's well within the most minimal of period warranties of 1 year. If it's a manufacturing fault, then in the EU, the manufacturer is responsible for 6 years. It's their legal obligation everywhere to fix it.

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