We knew this lens was coming for a while now as they were showing it off at the various trade shows and here it is.

MELVILLE, NY, June 10, 2024 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced the new RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens, bringing ease, affordability and quality for social media creators interested in exploring VR content creation. The RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens is compatible with the EOS R7 camera* and will be available in June 2024.

Preorder the Canon RF-S 3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye

The new RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens makes VR content creation with a mirrorless camera more accessible and efficient than ever. Engineered to empower creators of all types, this lens offers a perfect balance between clarity and usability for vlog-style VR creation. This APS-C Stereoscopic VR lens’ ability to achieve a 144º wide-angle view and utilize equidistant projection makes it ideally suited for every day, virtually hassle-free VR production. Also designed for versatility, this lens permits multiple methods of camera handling, from hand-holding, mounting on a gimbal, or tripod-mounting. Canon’s available EOS VR Utility software (separately available with a paid subscription) is designed for a smooth editing process.

“The RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens offers a solution to the growing demand for more affordable and accessible tools in the VR market,” said Brian Mahar, senior vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Whether you’re a social creator looking to expand your content into VR, or a filmmaker interested in making the jump from 2D to 3D content, this lens enables creators of all levels to comfortably explore VR content creation and generate amazing content.”

Get to know the RF-S 3.9mm F3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens:

  • One-shot AF and Left/Right focus Adjustment with Focus ring, helping to create effortless and precise shooting in virtually any environment.
  • An Air Sphere Coating (ASC) is a first for Canon non-L Series lenses and helps to minimize ghosting and facilitate pristine image quality.
  • Rear filter holder that accommodates both 30.5mm screw-on filters and sheet-type filters, i.e. gelatin or polyester filters.

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  1. This lens looks so cute :) In a couple of years I'll probably get one of these lenses and start playing around or create videos from special celebrations or something.

    needs one of those masks with eyebrows, nose and glasses.
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  2. I wonder if this and the RF-S 7.8mm f/4 are the only first party RF-S lenses Canon will release this year.

    There is another zoom coming and a prime. I don't know the focal lengths. A few people have said to me that it doesn't look like Sigma and those companies are who Canon is going to rely on to fill the APS-C lineup. On the full frame side, Canon's concerns are about performance with next generation cameras.
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  3. I thought to replace my R7 with an R6 which has some advantages in ergonomics too. But ... it is a 1.6 Teleconverter and I like R7 with EF 100-400 ii, a quite usable and high IQ solution and the auto levelling feature which I miss in the R6 ii.
    This lens might be a good reason too to keep the R7!
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  4. Cool so now you can see the rolling shutter in stereo. Hopefully this is a sign that Canon will be coming out with an R7 variant that has a better sensor.
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  5. Nice, so now even the lower budget porn, can switch to VR productions.
    The porn market pays promptly in cash. Also can make or break a product. One of the biggest reasons Betamax failed was that Sony wouldn't allow it to be used for porn. The VHS crowd had no such qualms.
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