Holy new stuff!
I've expanded the site to add a few new features. They're going to slowly roll out as we here get used to it.

1) FIRST AND FOREMOST… This is and always will be a site geared 100% to Canon photography. Do not think for a moment I'll forget that.

2) Page 2's purpose is to report the cool stuff going on in the photography business, as well as minor stuff with Canon. This idea is stolen from plenty of other sites

3) Video… gah? It's true, apparently Canon is also market leader in the field of video and camcorders. They have everything for the consumer right up to the professional. I have someone on board eager to share his knowledge with you and build readership here.

With DSLR's getting video, I think we'll be seeing some overlapping technology.

4) Reviews! This is going to remain inactive for now. I have a new respect for camera reviewers, it takes a lot of work to do it right. I want to do it right… please be patient for us.

5) The new content may roll out slowly. I have to get some new sources of information and whatnot.

6) I hope you enjoy it, I think we will.


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  1. Why don’t you have a buying guide like macrumors and nikonrumors? They basically tell you to avoid buying a camera that’s about to be updated.

  2. have some votes for new model features. like low iso, i think many pro photographers need low iso, iso 12 and iso 25

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