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Holy new stuff!
I’ve expanded the site to add a few new features. They’re going to slowly roll out as we here get used to it.

1) FIRST AND FOREMOST… This is and always will be a site geared 100% to Canon photography. Do not think for a moment I’ll forget that.

2) Page 2’s purpose is to report the cool stuff going on in the photography business, as well as minor stuff with Canon. This idea is stolen from plenty of other sites

3) Video… gah? It’s true, apparently Canon is also market leader in the field of video and camcorders. They have everything for the consumer right up to the professional. I have someone on board eager to share his knowledge with you and build readership here.

With DSLR’s getting video, I think we’ll be seeing some overlapping technology.

4) Reviews! This is going to remain inactive for now. I have a new respect for camera reviewers, it takes a lot of work to do it right. I want to do it right… please be patient for us.

5) The new content may roll out slowly. I have to get some new sources of information and whatnot.

6) I hope you enjoy it, I think we will.


18 responses to “Canon Rumors Dot Com & More!”

  1. Bebobcola;

    Contact them and tell them you are willing to wait and want to keep your place in line. US mail order laws require a seller to ask buyers for a confirmation of a order if it is not shipped in 30 days, so it may have something to do with that. Different businesses may implement the law differently.

    I just ran into this on a delayed order from Dell.

  2. @ Ed

    Exact-a-mundo. Their automated online order system cancels orders that can’t be shipped in a certain time frame.

    I called Helix directly. Chuck was very helpful and reinstated my order (kept me at #30). Though he seemed a little flustered about Canon not having product ready for consumers. I can’t imagine running a photo/video store this season.

  3. Fortunately, I believe that Circuit city did not accept pre-orders for the 5D II.

    Apparently, they owed Nikon lots of money. Circuit city and Best Buy had some pretty good price wars on cameras, this will certainly reduce the competition.

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