New Design!
Why? The old design was uninspiring and horribly coded by yours truly. Adding anything to the site was a painstaking endeavor.  This new site is completely widgetized and the backend is setup to make adding and removing functionality a breeze. I'm happy about that.

There's still some design stuff to take shape, I don't like my logo or the header area of the site. I'll worry about that soon.

New Stuff: Photographer Profiles!
I've wanted to do this for a long time. Canon Rumors is a popular site and I'd like to share the traffic with talented photographers. I'm going to do a profile every month.

For now, Mr David E Jackson will get the remainder of March and all of April.

Read the interview and check out his sites, I love his work.

Want to be profiled? Send me an email and I'll check you out. I don't really have any criteria, just cool folks!

There will be more reviews on the site. Yes, there's lots of reviews out there. However, if you're like me, you'll read every last review you can find about something.

More Content?
I have plans for some other cool stuff. Look for it in the fall, I think you'll love it.

Why More Content?
A few reasons really.

1) I do not want to get bored. The core of this site is rumors and always will be. I do need to do more with my day though.

2) Rumor quality. Recently the rumor quality on this site has taken a hit. That's completely my fault. I get it in my head I have to post something every single day. I know that isn't the case. There are going to be slow times. We've been very successful in the past with rumors and I want to get back to that. Having other content to tide us over can only be a good thing.

Site Issues
We're still troubleshooting a site issue.


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  1. Heya

    Yeah the price watch script is being redone. It should be better in a week or two.

    The social media links are very successful where they are at the moment. I honestly can’t believe how much better they’re performing now.

    I will probably move them when they become less effective.

    User Reviews is a good idea. There’s a lot of great ideas flooding in…. I wish I was 4-5 people. :)

    Thanks for reading.

  2. It’s getting better indeed. :-)
    However, I’d be glad if you’d turn down the size of the headlines a bit.

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