Canon is holding on to this tech!
Apparently Canon is working on a full line of professional monitors using SED technology. There has been promise for years and years about Canon branded SED televisions. Lawsuits and other issues have prevented the technology from seeing the light of day.

Until now?

I guess if you've spent the money they have on R&D, you have to give the marketplace a chance.

From Peter Putman @ NAB 2009
“I was asked on more than one occasion about the chances of Canon’s SED making a comeback, something I would not have bet money on after the Nano Technologies licensing debacle. However, a source within Canon told me at the show that the SED is still very much alive as a pro monitor technology. Indeed, a Canon SED engineer from Japan was quietly making the rounds in the Las Vegas Convention Center to scope out the competition.”

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  1. SED originally came out in a 50″ or larger screen size. It will be a long time before we see an OLED TV of that size. There may be a 37″ next year.

    I think that when the economy picks up and there are no more Pioneer Kuros and no FED TV, Canon may be in a good position with SED monitors and TVs.

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