Canon DSLR Rumors

Canon Shows off a New DSLR

In a product image of the new Connect Station CS100, Canon may have inadvertently shown off a DSLR that doesn’t currently exist in the marketplace.

You can see the new DSLR in this promo video for the Connect Station CS100 (0:46)




Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 5.41.09 PM

Some are speculating that it could be the EOS 80D, while others think it’ll be a new Rebel. I’ve gone back and forth as to what I think it is. For now, I’m going to wager it’s a new Rebel. As others have pointed out, the lack of a dedicated AF-ON button makes me think it’s not an 80D or 6D Mark II.

Source: [PetaPixel] via [Canon Austria]/[@fffeuchtner]


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