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Canon Sucks!

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From Russia with Love
Here is a rather funny story from Russia.

1 - Canon Sucks!3 - Canon Sucks!

4 - Canon Sucks!

More pictures and the full story from:

Recently Russian service centers of Canon have started receiving complains from the people having the troubles with their Canon… vacuum cleaners.

It seems that one large electronics supplier in Russia has bought somewhere what they truely believed to be Canon Vacuum Cleaners, and even advertised them. So many bought intrigued by the brand name and overall feeling to get something cool from Canon.

Now it seems it was a nice planned action to sell thousands of some third party, probably Chinese vacuum cleaners labeled as “Canon”, having the manual and boxes looking like actual Canon stuff.


21 responses to “Canon Sucks!”

  1. I also fell for a fraud involving Canon. I bought a Canon GL2 Digital video camera and a Canon EOS 20D. I discovered the shoddy products are frauds made by rippoff artists who put Canon on the camera. That is, Canon Inc. Themselves. They make crap and don’t stand behind their products.
    Do not purchase any Canon products they are crap designed with planned obsolescence. Do your research.
    Canon Inc. doesn’t need crooked Russians to screw up their reputation. They are experts at that themselves.

  2. Great journalism – NOT, before I queue up with the lemming (vermins) in the comments section to condemn the Chinese for making this. Let’s see some proof that it was made by them. Oh wait, no evidence, just bull$hit from another russian blog site (they’re so full of $hit these days). Apparently its a valid source/citation if you blog something, state something totally bogus like ‘it came from the Chinese’ and referred to yet another idiot blog (EnglishRussia). How’s that a valid and credible news piece? For all you know it was the Russians that produced these knock-offs, why not, they produce illegal vodka using sewage tanks for distillers (true, I’m not making this up).

  3. Мдааа… Ð’ некоторые жизненные моменты волосы могут шевелиться не только на голове :)

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