Official Canon Survey
Canon has sent invites to folks to participate in a survey geared towards video in SLR's.

Survey Here:

The survey is only for US residents. You can tell a fib and answer “yes” to that question.

It's nice to see Canon asking for feedback from the users.

thanks Rich


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  1. David, I have to disagree. 5D2 or any other FF dSLR has a fairly large amateur user base. Yes by spec it is semi-pro and lots of pro are using it. Though when you look at SLR market, the once dominated by pro market is now jammed by everyday people, including me.

    I guess that is the benefit from computer science as well as internet.

    My point is, for amateur photographer, it is a natural upgrade path for them to eventually go to 5D2. There is nothing wrong from tehm to use the 5D2 to shoot family portrait. One obvious benefit from this would be pictures for kids, or available light pictures at the party. Compact DCs, most of them anyway, are not suitable for this purpose.

    One example on the other side is, the pros who suppose to use 1D/1Ds are now using 5D2, the semipro body, especially to shoot video.

    Therefore I would think 5D2 is no black & white semipro level. It is a mix bag. You mentioned PJ. PJ wont be there if there is no digital camera (let it be iPhone or dSLR) and internet. Same for SLR, it is no longer for pros only.

  2. I’m not saying no advanced amatures use the 5D2, just that it’s not targeted as a “family” camera like the 1000D or 500D.

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