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Canon T1/2000D June? [CR2]

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Rebel T1
We will see a Rebel XS replacement announced in June. I was told the current XS will remain current while the XSi will be discontinued over the summer.

We’ll still have 3 Rebels for Christmas. The XS could reach the $400 price point. I still think that’s a little unrealistic.

The T1 will not have a movie mode. It’ll basically be a rebadged XSi.

Not likely before the fall.


15 responses to “Canon T1/2000D June? [CR2]”

  1. Man.. I really want to buy the 50 1.4 but first I want to make sure that no successor is coming any time soon.

  2. By one now, used for $290. Sell it used when a new one arrives for $250. You’ll have the lens to use and play with until something better comes out and will only shed a couple jacksons. My 2 cents.

  3. I thought the XS/1000D was already around $400? Even at $400, it’s overpriced for what it is!

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