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Canon to revive shelved Nagasaki camera plant plan

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TOKYO, June 5 (Reuters) – Japan’s Canon Inc said on Friday it has decided to revive a shelved plan to build a $180 million digital camera factory in Nagasaki, southern Japan, on solid demand for digital single-lens reflex cameras.

Details on the timing of the plant’s start-up and any changes in the investment will be announced later in the day, a Canon spokesman said.

The plant, to make both digital compacts and digital single-lens reflex cameras, was originally to have an annual production capacity of 4 million cameras.

(Reporting by Mayumi Negishi)


10 responses to “Canon to revive shelved Nagasaki camera plant plan”

  1. Yup, I agree about this current trend, nowadays most ppl thought owning a Rebel or D60 with kit lens means they will be able to take good photos and no need to hire a professional anymore, but that is not the case if they treats their dSLR like a glorified PnS on steroids.

    Also I find it odd when I start seeing hired photographers who uses a Rebel XSi with KIT LENS to take model photos! WHAT IS THIS WORLD GETTING TO!! at least use a proper lens…a prime lens would do

  2. LOL, i’ve seen on many websites and prints better pictures taken with a “simple” ultra compact than a 1Ds mark III coupled with a 24-70 :)

    Some ppl are 1000 times more creative that they can use any camera, even with an iphone… Some others prefer to pay $10.000 in a camera and lenses and they make average results :)

  3. I believe that developed countries like china, india, and the middle east are driving the incrase in dslr production . Two years ago no body knew why I was holding a black box in my hand. Nowadays And with the decrease of priceses of the entry level models, every home seems to at least have one.

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