We're told that Canon will be directly targeting the Panansonic GH4 at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas this spring. The new camera will  have a 1″ sensor, shoot 4K and will be very portable, which sounds like similar specs to an upcoming camcorder. This little camera will have a removable viewfinder and grip and will most likely be small enough to be mounted to drones and other like devices.

The term “a different style DSLR” was used when describing this camera, but I'm not sure what sort of lens mount the camera would have, EF? EF-S? EF-M? Something new? A DSLR with a 1″ sensor? I wrote a few days ago that I didn't think Canon would care much about this market, which I guess was wrong, as this comes from a solid source. I do hold on to the idea that the professional cinema market being where growth is going to come from. We're hoping for more information in the coming weeks.

More to come…


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