We're told that Canon will be using the brand new Sony IMX571 image sensor in an upcoming Canon APS-C ILC camera body. The source thinks it's going to be in a mirrorless camera, but there's also the possibility we'll see it in a DSLR.

The Sony IMX571 is a back-illuminated 26mp CMOS APS-C image sensor built for DSLRs, which we believe includes mirrorless ILC applications. The sensor is also capable of shooting at 16fps.

Canon has used Sony image sensors in PowerShot cameras in the past, but I cannot remember the last time they used a 3rd party image sensor in an interchangeable lens camera.

You can learn more about Sony's image sensors here.

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  1. Its possible, APS-C sensors are becoming more of a commodity, FF sensors may become a focus for Canon in the future. Canon will take the lowest cost method for similar performance. With sales falling everywhere, there is more attention being paid to the high end products.
  2. The main question would be whether they could overlay the DPAF on the sensor or not. Sony seems to be better at producing sensors with faster readouts (at least based on camera specs), but DPAF is currently Canon's primary advantage on the tech side.
  3. i think that rumor is total nonsense.

    why would canon start using sony sensors now?

    ok some canon exec said they will use the best sensors available.... but then they should use sony sensors for a few years now.

    add to that that the sony sensor will not have DPAF.
  4. I'd agree that APS-C might be coming a commodity product. Canon will probably want to produce their mid-range cameras as cheaply as possible. I'd say a buyer who only has limited knowledge of cameras and video will just be looking at how many MP's what FPS and does it have 4K video. It will meet those criteria.
    I don't think they won't use Sony sensors as point of principle. I'd say they'd go for the cheapest source.
    FF for the moment they will be producing their own sensors.
  5. don't believe it. 1" sensors yes. APS-C or FF: no. All Canon EOS ILCs will have DP-AF aboard.
    This is my general thought too. I am trying to think of some specialty niche where Canon might be ok not including DPAF and that would really benefit from a Sony sensor. Maybe an astro version of the 90D?

    Mostly, I am in the "nonsense" category as well.
  6. Yeah I also believe they will use this sensor in a powershot like the G7X III but very unlikely they gonna use it in any DPAF camera. Why would Canon ditch their major advantage DPAF which is not even exhausted to its full potential yet?
  7. This is my general thought too. I am trying to think of some specialty niche where Canon might be ok not including DPAF and that would really benefit from a Sony sensor. Maybe an astro version of the 90D?

    Mostly, I am in the "nonsense" category as well.

    the 7d iii wouldnt need dpaf if its only focus is photography and not video
  8. I'm not feeling this rumor ether. I doubt it is aimed at the low end of the M series as Canon's answer for low end low cost sensors has always been to stick a hand me down sensor from a previously higher end model in. After all once you have paid for the design and the fab for a sensor the cost of cranking them out after that is pretty cheap.

    It won't be for a high end M as doing that would mean abandoning their own sensors in APS-C all together. That would cut a ton of R&D money out of sensor design and hurt the FF and other sensors going forward. Besides Canon is trying to sell more sensors not fewer.

    Maybe a 7D3 if it is the last of the line. Contrast AF can save the day for the bird shooters. But I don't know what the answer is on the video side. But the new Sony sensor will do 16fps at full resolution as it is BSI which would make the bird shooters happy...er. That is if Canon has a processor to handle it. But the biggest blocker of all is ... "Get our new flagship APS-C camera, now with Sony sensors". Would it be worth the hassle of months of Sony trolls (and TN) proclaiming the end of Canon?
  9. I'm not sure why people think that Sony couldn't create a dpaf sensor for Canon. They make sensors to spec all the time. Additionally, Sony's sensor manufacturing is a separate business from their cameras and must remain that way.
  10. After looking up the specs for the IMX571, it would not be my choice for a new Canon APS-C, It is supposedly the sensor used in the Fujii X-T3, which is marketed as a X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor which is not going to be used by Canon. Fujii addict may be wrong about the sensor though.

    Canon does like to use the same sensor or a slight variation in all of their APS-C cameras. For them to abandon DPAF would be a shock.
  11. Who alleged that they could not?

    IMX571 is a COTS sensor from Sony, not a custom job. And it lacks dual pixels.
    Everyone has said it will lack dpaf. I'm saying Sony could make a sensor for Canon with DPAF if Canon asked them to.
    Also, it's a CR1. What do you think the likelihood is that the exact sensor information is known about an otherwise completely unknown camera? Seriously. Think about that.

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