I've been sent this a couple hundred times, so I guess I should post it. :)

Canon USA has the fall rebate program rolling since the 22nd of October.


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  1. Henry Posner from B&H may deny their sudden price inflation of selected canon products (targeted for rebate) once the rebate period begins. Does anyone expect him to admit B&H is poaching the rebates?! For several years, I’ve tracked prices before and after the Canon Fall rebates, and B&H absolutely DOES play with the numbers to pocket YOUR rebate!

  2. @Rob Adams: “Does anyone expect him to admit B&H is poaching the rebates?!”

    Hopefully they do not. What I hope people do expect, after 15 years online, is honesty and ethical integrity. I “admit B&H is poaching the rebates” because B&H isn’t poaching the rebates.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

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