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Canon will make their NAB announcements on April 3, 2019 [CR2]

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We’re told that Canon will make their announcements for NAB on or around April 3, 2019 (depending on your location). NAB begins on April 6, 2019, and runs through April 11, 2019.

We’ve heard a few subtly conflicting reports on what Canon is going to announce, but here is the latest.

The long-rumoured CN-E PL mount prime lenses will be called “Sumire” we’re told.

Two new camcorders will be announced. A “professional” version of the VIXIA G50 along with an XA version of the XF405 that will be limited to 4K @ 30fps.

What we have seen conflicting reports on is what new Cinema EOS cameras may be coming. The latest we’re told is that we may see some kind of development announcement for “key customers”, but we’re not sure what that means.


CR Pro
Jan 28, 2012
So are we not going to see a c300 MK III at NAB then? That would be very disappointing, and seem a bit odd if they are unveiling new cinema lenses.


May 4, 2016
It would't be NAB without Canon announcing another palm-size "prosumer" camcorder that looks almost identical to last year's.
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1N 1V 1Ds I II III R R5
Dec 9, 2018
CN-E PL mount prime lenses will be called “Sumire” we’re told.

If anyone cares, that's Japanese for the flower violet, and the e is pronounced: "re" as in "ferret".