A Canon EVIL?
A new rumor has appeared the web about Canon announcing an EVIL camera.

From DPR
Apparently Canon will unveil soon an EVIL system smaller than m4/3.It'll be based on the APS-C sensor, apparently same sensor as the 7D, but with a reduced Image Circle, 18mm

– It'll be based on the APS-C sensor, apparently same sensor as the 7D, but with a reduced Image Circle, 18mm.
– 3 New lenses. Zoom Kit EF-X 12-36mm, 36-166mm and 15mm f2.4 Pancake.
– There will be an adapter to use EF and EF-S lenses.
– 720p 30fps video.
– Articulated LCD

This goes against most of what I've been told about a Canon entry into the EVIL category. I'll ask around

1Ds Mark IV
A few reports saying we shouldn't be expecting a 1Ds Mark IV in the near future.

Other Rumors
It is super slow at the moment. I'm receiving no information. I've been able to spend my time healing my thumb and working on a new venture. The new venture will be announced next week if all goes well. It's mostly for Canadians, but some of you may be interested in it anyway.

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  1. Some person who are near canon tell me about a 1X camera, not 1Ds. It was fullframe and without mobile mirror (transparent mirror or electronic VF). It’s a revolution. They don’t release a 1Ds IV but stop with 1D series and they will repalce it with 1X. H Res, H Speed

  2. I’m curious why it would use the same sensor as the 7D but with a reduced image circle. The only explanation that I can think of for doing that would be for an electronic pixel-shift image stabilising mechanism. So instead of physically shifting the sensor you would just shift the image capturing to a different part of the sensor.

    Just a thought.

  3. nikontocanon on

    sony will launch or had launched its EVIL version…

    Canon and Nikon should follow soon or many people will just buy sony evil or those m.4/3 cameras…

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