Say what?
Apparently the Canon Spring Photography contest lists an XSTi as the first prize. You can see this on page 95 of Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

Probable typo? I hope so, that would be quite a mouthful to say.

thanks Mark


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  1. Greg, I mentioned the 40D, not the 50D. The 40D is an incredible value now that the 50D is out, and since there aren`t that many improvements made to the 50, the 40D is worth it. Personally I may be tempted by the nicer screen and AF micro-adjustment, but the extra resolution of the 50D appears to be mostly wasted (it does outresolve the 40D, but by a smaller margin than expected: it seems that it`s sensor is about at the limit of what most lenses can resolve). If the OP has money for the 50D then by all means get it, but the 40D is great for a serious amateur or aspiring pro on a budget.

  2. Greg, it`s funny, wherever you live the 450D is cheaper than here in Montreal, but the 50D is pricier. It`s strange how pricing is done in different countries.

  3. Thiis is my first DSLR. Initially I was thinking to return this since I was not sure I can afford now. But each time when I do the shots, I fell in love with it. If you are a beginer to manual photography and interested in trying out/learning the fantasy of photography, yes this is the camera. I don’t regret at all now that I have paid 600 bucks to get this camera, in fact I am proud of it. I also bought 55-255 ef-s lens as well. I am all set to get to the next gear of photography. You can get exceptional photos as well using this camera. Again, excellent pics over time is a great memory and this one is right on the money!

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