Not aggressive enough
I've received some information about what Canon's favourite competitors are doing to stimulate sales this Christmas season. Both Panasonic and Nikon are offering very substantial dollar spiffs on cameras sold. This is taking place in both Canada and the USA. For anyone in retail, this plays a BIG role in what cameras they pull of the shelf first.

A Wolf employee told me his co-workers are definitely getting geared up to sell Nikon products. If that can pay for the Christmas gifts, why wouldn't they?

Canon's approach? A rewards program. Sell $25K of stuff and get a free SD1100. A slight exageration, but not by much.

5D Preorder Legal Issues
I spoke to a lawyer friend about the whole issue of pre-orders and whether retailers are entering into a binding agreement about price. His answer after a subtle laugh; “No”. In Canada at least, pre-orders are technically not legal, so there is no binding agreement.

If anyone wants to dispute this, I'm all ears. You lawyers love to stir it up!



  1. Wanna move..please do. The more people move to Nikon the better for me. It should wake up Canon and save me money.

  2. My pre-order is with Henry’s completed Sept 22. Got a notice after I looked online and asked about price protection since there is no mention of price change on my invoice. Was told quite directly I will have to pay an extra 300.

    SO my problem is this, it took a year of a strong Canadian dollar against USD for our prices to drop and 2 weeks with a negative differential and we get screwed.


  3. How much profit does anyone think there is in a 5D , or for that matter any high end camera? High end camera sales represent higher dollar volume for a particular store, but it also represents a lower profit ratio.

    In terms of percentage the profit ratio on a memory card or a lens filter is greater.

    Canon announced the price increase – not the retail vendor, and to have the vendor absorb the difference is absurd.

    If it were a matter of just a few dollars I don’t think retailers would have a problem.

  4. I already have a Nikon camera, lenses, and accessories ($2200+). Looking to up grade to a better camera with all the bells and whistles. I thought about the D700, they’re doing $300 rebates and maybe more price cuts during the holidays and after canon ships the 5D2? Eventhough Canon’s 5D2 has video and 21mp, but with all the waiting time and possibility of price increase. I might as well just get the D700, and not have to switch all my gear to canon. Seriously, What is Canon doing? You’re right Sebastian, with Christmas coming up, whatever sale strategies Canon is working out from the inside, they’re going to have a lot of unhappy customers. Like I said I’m starting to have second thought about waiting for the 5D2 if I can get a good deal with the D700 in a few months.

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