What's in store at Photokina from Canon? Here's some predictions and educated guesses.

According to reports last summer, Canon's new CMOS factory should be up and running by July 2008. How many compact cameras will they launch with a CMOS sensor?

Sigma is going to be the first to market with their very cool Foveon APS based DP1. I expect the same from Canon.

I'm going to predict this is the time Canon moves to 28mm at the wide end on their higher end P&S's to compete with Panasonic.

Point & Shoot

Canon G10
– CMOS (Larger Sensor)
– 12mp
– 28mm Wide
– 10x Zoom
– f/2.8 Lens
– Much better high ISO performance
– 2.5fps

Canon S6 IS
– 10mp
– 28mm Wide
– 15x Zoom (The current 12x is the shortest zoom range from the big players)
– Much better high ISO performance.

Canon SX200
– 10mp
– 35mm Wide
– 10x Zoom
– Updated formfactor


Canon EOS 5D Mark II

This camera has been talked in length about, I don't need to speculate specs and whatnot, we know it's coming.

Canon EOS 1d Mark X

An update to the 1d3 fiasco that has caused Canon some serious PR problems. The terrific performance of the Nikon D3 also brings this about.

I truly believe Canon will abolish the 1.3 crop. Mainly for marketing reasons. Full frame is perceived to be better. Another issue I have with 1.3 is there is no ultra wide option for the camera. They could sell 1d's to landscape photographers that want to spend a few grand less than the 1ds. We all know the IQ of the 1d series is terrific. There is going to be a lot of discussion about sensor size as the time grows closer.

– Full Frame
– 14.4mp
– 12fps
– ISO 100-6400 (Expansion to 12800, 25600)
– HD Video Mode
– 3″ VGA Screen
– New and working Autofocus System (Will be tested by Galbraith for final approval =D )

Two cameras that could be coming.

Canon EOS 1ds Mark IIIn

This camera may be the megapixel king currently, but it's hardly an earth shattering machine. I expect Nikon's D3x in the fall and if the D3 was any indication, it's going to be another doozie.

Canon EOS 3D

The almost mythical 3D is still talked about today. Canon's D300 competing full frame machine. Everyone wants this camera to exist. I'm not sure if it ever will.

This is a lot of cameras to launch in one season. However it was posted around PMA that the President of Canon was quoted as saying they will replace every EOS camera in 2008. I don't know if that's possible or if something was lost in translation. For that reason I left out a 50D.

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