Canon will release two full frame mirrorless cameras before the middle of 2019, the first one to come will be the “flagship” model for this new line of cameras. As reported earlier, this camera will sport a 30.4mp sensor that could be closely related to the EOS 5D Mark IV.

The second full frame mirrorless body will be a lower megapixel count. We've seen mentions of various pixel counts, which isn't unusual, as test cameras can come with a wide array of different image sensors. The most likely pixel count will be around 24mp, we do not believe they'll be using the EOS 6D Mark II's 26.2mp sensor, or even a modified version of it.

Both cameras will shoot 4K, with the “flagship” model providing the best video features.

We're also told that there's a possibility of a removable EVF on one of the cameras, which we think would be reserved for the lower end full frame mirrorless camera.

We're told that there are currently no plans to release a camera that will compete directly with Sony's high ISO capable Alpha a7s II.

What about the mount?

We cannot get a straight answer about this. We've been told everything from a new mount to EF mount. One trusted source told us that the full frame mirrorless camera and EF mount problem has a “sexy” solution. We're not sure what that means, but it's the best news we've received on the topic.

When are they coming?

Both camera bodies will be shipping by mid 2019, but the exact announcement date for the first camera is unknown at this time.

What will they be called?

For the moment we only have codenames, but “EOS M1” has yet to be used by Canon. Other than that, no naming suggestions have been sent our way.

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