Canon's first Connect Station CS100 didn't create all that much of a buzz when it was announced back in January, most people didn't see what the point of it was.

However, it looks like the next generation ConnectStation will bring some features that more people would want after looking at PhotographyBay's report.

Canon showed off the next generation ConnectStation this past week in New York City at the Canon EXPO 2015 show. Beyond it being a device to easily connect your media to your television or computer, it will also wirelessly charge your next generation Canon DSLRs and most likely PowerShot cameras. The wireless features don't stop at just charging, it will also automatically start the transfer of the images to your computer and/or immediately to the cloud. Canon demoed these features with a modified Rebel T6s and EOS M3.

Features of next generation ConnectStation:

  • Wireless charging
  • Wireless file transfer
  • Internal 1TB HD
  • HDMI out to TV
  • Support 4K playback
  • Tablet control via Android or iOS
  • Immediate upload of images to cloud

This definitely looks to be a more useful device than the current model, and I would be interested in trying one out.

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