Here's a reminder of unreleased Canon gear that has appeared for certification and that we'll likely see ahead of CP+ in March. The only thing we haven't heard much about is the new lenses, but we are trying to get them confirmed. We know the EF-M prime is no longer being released ahead of CP+ and will appear later in the year.

We do know that the EOS M50 will be priced closely to the EOS M6, though specifications have been hard to come by.

  • DS 126701 (Rebel)
    • Single-lens reflex camera
    • SKU: 3011C001AA, 3011C002AA, 3011C003AA
    • Made in Taiwan
    • Wi-Fi installed
    • Size: W129.0 mm × H 101.6 mm × D 77.1 mm
  • DS 126741 (Rebel)
    • Single-lens reflex camera
    • SKU: 2728C001AA, 2728C002AA, 2728C003AA
    • made in Japan
    • Wi-Fi installed
  • PC 2328 (EOS M50)
    • Digital camera
    • Made in Japan
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • New wireless module installed (WM 600)
  • PC 2352 (Unknown)
    • Digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • The same radio module as the PC 2328 (WM 600)
  • Interchangeable Lens 1 (Unknown)
    • SKU: 2309C005AA
    • Made in Japan
  • Interchangeable Lens 2 (Unknown)
    • SKU: 2439C005AA
    • Made in Japan?
  • DS 401141 (We think it's a mirrorless focused flash)
    • Electronic flash
    • SKU: 1757C003
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