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*UPDATE* CES Update [CR1]

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The entry level A series cameras will be replaced at CES.

A new product line will be launched, however it won’t resemble the TX1/SX1. It’s still unclear what it will be. Everything seems to be under tight lock and key. It’s said to be a consumer product.

No SLR or lenses for CES.

Anything new coming?
I’ve heard Canon will introduce a new product line at CES, it may only consist of one product to start.

It will not be a PowerShot, nor an EVIL (Mirrorless) camera system.

I’ve been told to think along the lines of the TX1 and SX1 but with some crazy framerates and perhaps a larger sensor.

Do not expect any lenses or S.L.R.’s to be announced. Just consumer stuff this go around.

More to come soon.


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