EOSHD has posted about the possibility of an EOS C200 and EOS C400 for NAB 2014 in April.

According to EOSHD's source, Canon will introduce the Cinema EOS C200 as a new entry level 4K camera, and the semi-pro Cinema EOS C400 sitting under the EOS C500.

CR's Take
We have it from pretty good sources that Canon is announcing a few things, but not any cameras. However, there's always a possibility that Canon has kept the existence of a C200 & C400 to a very small and select group of people and the other goodies are for a broader audience.

We've heard absolutely nothing about a C200 and C400, however that doesn't remove the possibility of their existence, as this site isn't the first place cinema people go.

The other possibility is these cameras could receive “development announcement” status and wouldn't be part of the regular product announcement process.

Source: [EOSHD]


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