Continuing the slow rolloutof CMOS compacts
I received information that we may see 1, if not 2 new CMOS compacts at PMA.

10mp CMOS
HD Movie Mode
5x Zoom (28mm)
3″ LCD
ISO 50-3200
Available worldwide

The 2nd possible camera the source had no information on.


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  1. Will the SX1 IS be announced in North America at PMA? It has already been realeased in the UK and Japan.

  2. CMOS power consumption: Do you have a reference that indicates CMOS cameras consume more power? Everything I can find indicates similar or lower overall power consumption. I do not believe that a claim of shorter battery life due to CMOS power consumption is correct.

    From Dalsa: They say overall cmos power consumption is less.

    From Canon:

    The CMOS Difference

    Canon CMOS sensor technology offers several advantages over traditional CCD sensors. Amplifiers at each pixel site vastly speed up the process of getting the signal to the image processor. Unnecessary charge transfers are avoided, lowering power consumption and prolonging battery life.

  3. CMOS vs CCD power consumption: Canon SX1 IS (Cmos) has significantly poorer battery life (CIPA) than SX10 IS (CCD).

  4. Hello! How come there are no substantial rumors about new Canon EOS DSLR’s in January. Did Canon lock down all their staff behind sealed doors completely, or is there no new cameras coming this year at all?

  5. The poorer battery life of the SX1 compared to the SX10 may have various reasons – except for the CMOS sensor which consumes less power as CCD sensor.

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