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CMOS ELPH/IXUS Coming at PMA? [CR2.5]

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Continuing the slow rolloutof CMOS compacts
I received information that we may see 1, if not 2 new CMOS compacts at PMA.

10mp CMOS
HD Movie Mode
5x Zoom (28mm)
3″ LCD
ISO 50-3200
Available worldwide

The 2nd possible camera the source had no information on.


10 responses to “CMOS ELPH/IXUS Coming at PMA? [CR2.5]”

  1. Hej,
    That early, prolly it won’t be better than the sensor from SX1, and considering the zoom, the sensor will be small too. I don’t understand why they would do that in early 2009.

  2. I don’t think Canon will put the CMOS sensor on IXUS series. As we have seen the high power consumption in SX1, it’s doubtful to put CMOS sensor inside the ultra-compact camera. Users will be upset to know their new IXUS can only take 150 photos with a full-charged battery!!

  3. Where does the idea that CMOS takes more power come from? One of its stated advantages is that it uses less power. Does someone have different information?

    The SX1 has a very long zoom lens with IS that probably really eats up power. It has a high powered flash as well.

    The 150-200 photo life is for alkaline batteries, ni-mh are much better.

    The new camera rumored here does not have a huge power hungry zoom, and has a li-on battery. I would expect longer battery life than the ccd equivalent.

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