PowerShot News
Received some information today about new PowerShot cameras.

Backlit CMOS sensor
10mp again
HD Video
Minor ergonomic changes

Same as the G12, with some ergonomic changes.

New backlit CMOS sensor.
24x Zoom
Lithium Ion Battery
1080p HD
Weight reduction

D20 & D30
Two new Waterproof models.
One will have HD video.
Unknown sensor and zoom.

Do not expect any of these cameras before September I'm told.


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  1. I just want a truly pocketable design updating the S90 w/ a faster lens throughout the zoom range (not just F2 at the widest) and 720p HD shooting w/ dedicated rec button.

    The current model has great reviews already, so please Canon don’t screw up a great thing!

    720 @ 60fps would be icing on the cake but I’d rather have 30fps with very good & noise-less auto focus.

    Having shot 1080i in AVCHD and 1440×1080 @ 30fps in MP4 with pocket digicams and camcorders, I have to say 1280×720 is more than enough for great quality, easy editing on iMovie and manageable file sizes for uploading to Vimeo…

  2. well lets see your website then Olav if you’re so bloody clever. just click on my link to see what I do with my iPhone you bloody idiot.

  3. So what’s the deal with the waterproofs? Are they really going to use the D30 moniker “again” (EOS D30)?

    What I’d really like would be a G-series spec waterproof that does all the full-HD, RAW photo capture and all that stuff in a nice small package…

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I still shoot with my 6 year old A80. It’s 4 MP is more of a plus than a minus, it has an optical view finder, takes AA batteries and is well built. OK, the post stamp sized LCD is near useless for these failing eyes but it does swivel!

  5. If the SX20 is to be replaced by the SX30, what speculation is there that the SX1 will be replaced?

    Is the SX1’s cmos backlit?

    If they go to a lion battery will there be an external charger available (maybe optional) or do you have to charge them in the camera?

    How long after a product announcement, such as is being expected soon, will there be hardware reviews at such as cnet, and cameralabs?

    Thanks much,

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