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CMOS in PowerShot [CR1]

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PowerShot News
Received some information today about new PowerShot cameras.

Backlit CMOS sensor
10mp again
HD Video
Minor ergonomic changes

Same as the G12, with some ergonomic changes.

New backlit CMOS sensor.
24x Zoom
Lithium Ion Battery
1080p HD
Weight reduction

D20 & D30
Two new Waterproof models.
One will have HD video.
Unknown sensor and zoom.

Do not expect any of these cameras before September I’m told.


85 responses to “CMOS in PowerShot [CR1]”

  1. now there is a silly camera. it is so far from the cutting edge of modern auto ability or affordability I can’t imagine why you’d even bring it up?

  2. Rangefinders? Pretty sure you’re talking pre-FD (the original FD) there. That was then; this is now.

    Selling lenses is a big part of Canon’s strategy and bottom line, and I would be surprised if they made an opening for people to easily start using alternative lenses, especially when many of those lenses are not especially sharp by modern standards (doubt Canon wants their net platform to be blamed for the softness of old portrait lenses).

    I don’t see the sense of putting old-fashioned M-mount lenses on a non-reflex electronic viewfinder-only camera; there’s no weight or other savings to be had, and a lot of the glass is likely to be wasted unless the sensor on said camera is large.

  3. Please canon, don’t just offer small sensor on the competition, Give us bigger one !

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