Before the Summer1ds4mockup 150x150 - Coming Announcement [CR2]
A source that has been very quiet for the last couple of months has piped up and said we will be seeing a new camera announced before the summer. The camera will be the 1Ds Mark IV.

“There will be no 60D”.

Availability of the camera would be late summer.

Lenses would be announced with the camera, as usual.. there is no definitive info about what lenses.

World Cup
There will be a lot of gear tested at the World Cup in South Africa this year. Some of the new gear will be big white lenses. The source cautions not to expect anything imminent. The next round of lenses will be for the “wedding & niche” crowd.

Everything else is very quiet at the moment. At least we have the 5D2 firmware to look forward to.


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