Before the Summer1ds4mockup 150x150 - Coming Announcement [CR2]
A source that has been very quiet for the last couple of months has piped up and said we will be seeing a new camera announced before the summer. The camera will be the 1Ds Mark IV.

“There will be no 60D”.

Availability of the camera would be late summer.

Lenses would be announced with the camera, as usual.. there is no definitive info about what lenses.

World Cup
There will be a lot of gear tested at the World Cup in South Africa this year. Some of the new gear will be big white lenses. The source cautions not to expect anything imminent. The next round of lenses will be for the “wedding & niche” crowd.

Everything else is very quiet at the moment. At least we have the 5D2 firmware to look forward to.


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  1. What we need is a camera that is simple and basic and take good picture. We do not need a 300 page instruction book that comes with the camera. We do not need a camera that demands the best lens to use the potential of the high pixel count of the sensor. we do not need a camera that clips the highlight due to the small size pixels.I wish Canon will wake up and come up with something that fits the above requirement. Call it 60D or 6D or whatever Canon wants to. Too bad the Leica M9 is so expensive. Otherwise it will fit the bill perfectly. Except that you cannot use any lens longer than 135mm on it.

  2. Canon 5d Mark 2 prices have dropped in Singapore by $700 SGD (roughly 450 USD) . Maybe a sign of things to come.

  3. “What gets me is people who can’t seem to understand that the 7D is the 60D. This was mentioned at this very website a year ago.”

    What gets me is that people cannot tell a rumour and a fact apart just like that cannot understand that an opinion does not constitute a fact.

    You don’t know for sure what will happen just like I don’t know it, what you have read on this website are rumours, not announcements or facts.

    I think that 60D is coming, it is my opinion based on the current pricing of 7D and 550D and their positioning. 7D being xD series represents top-of-the-line, 550D is an advanced amateur camera, xxxxD (assuming that it will be refreshed) is the entry level DSLR. What is missing is a prosumer DSLR that offers some features of 7D at a reduced price by omitting some advanced pro ones.

    The is my fairly educated guess based on what Canon has done so far, only time will tell.

  4. Manila Guerilla on

    I’ve never read so much crap in my life. Shouldn’t you people be out taking good photographs instead of moaning about megapixels and the rest?

    I bet there are quite a few posters here who have never taken a decent photo in their lives and think the next advancement in camera technology will make them the next Cartier-Bresson! WA’better ‘better’ camera will not make you a better photographer.

    You are all hilarious. Hats off to you!

  5. Check out this rumor.

    Long live the xxD category. Canon would be stupid to throw away a category they have so well groomed. The 50D sensor was a step backwards in low noise performance (from what I have read in reviews) and so Canon needs to bring a replacement that will get all the 30D and 40D owners to the buying table. In the era of the internet, you MUST get excellent reviews if you want sales to hit it out of the park.

    Face it, if we are holding onto our 20, 30 or 40D after seeing the 7D, we are clearly not wanting to upgrade to a new category. So what will get us to move up? Canon knows. Be brave, Canon. Lower the pixel count as you did with the G11, increasing the dynamic range and low-light performance and just see what happens. Just wish they would say when it will arrive. ;-)

    To all the folks who say we moan and groan about ISO performance. When you are shooting with a circular polarizer late in the day, you want ISO performance at F8-F11. Am I missing something?

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