Contest Revised (October 9, 2009)
So, turnout has been a bit lower than I had hoped for this contest. I stroll around message boards and people are shooting their gear a lot. So I've switched things up to maybe spark an onslaught of entries. The way this one goes with determine if we do more giveaways in the future. I have another planned already and it's bigger.

There have been some really cool entries so far, I just want to see more. Remember, even if you don't win the bag… you may get a T-Shirt!

1) You can enter more than once, but only post one image per message board post.
2) Pictures showing your $150,000 in gear would be great photos!
3) Cats are allowed to appear in your photos.
4) The Gura Gear Kiboko is awesome
5) Have fun.

I have a couple of contests for free stuff planned, and this is the first one.

Read on for the contest rules.

The Prize?
A Gura Gear Kiboko camera backpack.

Gura (goo • ruh) Gear is a new, smart way of transporting your photo gear. Gura Gear bags are designed by photographers for photographers using the latest technology, best designers, and highest-quality materials. Our bags are lightweight, durable, comfortable and fully-functional. Gone are the days where you have to decide whether weight or functionality is more important.

Extremely Lightweight (Under 4lbs)
Made from high-tech, durable sail cloth material
Airline carry-on compliant
It will fit more stuff than you'll know what to do with!

The value of the prize? $399 USD

The Contest
This one will be far less serious than the next one. I want folks to have a bit of gear crazy fun.

The Rules
– Submit one photo to the forum link below showing some (or all) of your gear in a creative way.
– You can enter more than once, but only post one image per message board post.
– If you're selected the winner, you'll have to provide a full resolution jpg with EXIF intact.
– Photo manipulation is allowed! (example in the thread)
– Any manufacturer's gear may be used.
– The Contest runs from 11:00 AM EST, Oct. 4, 2009 until 11:59PM EST, Sunday Oct 18, 2009.
– Canon Rumors & Gura Gear will select the winner!

Contest open to:
North America (Canada/USA/Mexico)
South America
European Union
Asia (Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong)
South Africa
If your country or continent isn't listed, ask me.

Only one prize?
No! The people that finish 2nd to 5th will receive Canon Rumors T-Shirts.

That's it, this is a simple one.

Forum Contest Thread
All posts need to go to this thread.

*Note: You have to be a forum member to enter the contest.

Ask any questions I forgot to answer in the comments section.


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