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Cool Factor – Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder

I just think it’s cool
Epson has “upgraded” their hot selling Leica mount digital rangefinder.

It comes with an ancient 6mp APS-C CCD, they’ve added the handgrip and a 2.5″ LCD.

Epson R-D1x

Very cool and something I wish Canon or Nikon would make.

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15 responses to “Cool Factor – Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder”

  1. If Canon or Nikon made something like this, there’d be a lot more support behind the system.

    The Leica M8 & M8.2 are still broken. If Leica does a FF M9, sign me up.

  2. with the small sensors and awful ISO performance the M8’s are just not worthy of the lenses they wear…

    The camera I’d be intersted in seeing from one of these companies is a digital K1000 type camera…
    12MP – Full Manual – Two Dials – one f/stop and one shutter speed and a bright clear LCD that would allow you to see the results of your work. A magnesium body would be nice but not necessary. FULL FRAME. with a bright viewfinder and a nice split prism view finder. 1 shot at a time. No AF or (probably better for us getting older people) a single center point AF spot….
    somewhere around 500 bucks with a 50 1.8 as the kit lens
    very small – simple – stop making kids buy crappy fm10 nikons and vivitars for their classes. Give a “retro” feel for those that shot simple old 35mm in school when they were kids…

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